Registration Instructions

  1. Determine which particular scheduling you wish to select (i.e. weekly {what weeks in particular}, 5-day pass, or daily).
  2. Determine if you will need “B-4 Care” (hours from 7:30 a.m.–9 a.m.), “@ Care” (hours from 4:00p.m.–5:30 p.m.), or a combination of both “B-4 & @ Care” for the particular scheduling you desire.
  3. *Register one child at a time for the above selections.
  4. ***PLEASE, PLEASE complete each of the four required forms for each child on-line before printing out and signing where applicable!!! We need to be able to readily decipher the information and it is difficult to translate handwriting even if it is neatly written! 

We do not want to guess about anything and need to easily read the contact information and phone numbers in case of an EMERGENCY!

  1. After submitting the camper information, click through to the online store to add the camps to your cart and pay for your selections.
  2. Pull a copy of the birth certificate for each child so that you have for the mandatory “Parent/Camper Meeting and Orientation” to show your camper(s) proof of age.
  3. Read thoroughly through the on-line “CAMP OVERVIEW”, “POLICIES/PROCEDURES” and the “REQUIRED FORMS” (especially the “Code of Conduct”) with your camper(s) and other parents/guardians.

*We want your camper(s) to be aware of who you are permitting to pick them up each day, our drop off procedures, etc.

  1. You will receive follow up confirmation regarding your registration within 24 hours. You will also receive additional information that we might have for you via email prior to the start of camp.  Information regarding our “Parent/Camper Meeting and Orientation” will also be sent to you.
  2. If you haven’t done so within the registration process above, go to the header tab “REQUIRED FORMS”, electronically complete each of the four required forms, print out, sign where applicable and forward on to us right away. You can do so by sending via email to (there is an underscore “_” between the a and the d), or place them in an envelope marked “TO: RHODA DEROSE” and drop them off at Heritage Hills Athletic Club (Address:  2810 East Prospect Road J).
  3. If you have ANY questions, at any time, please DO NOT hesitate to email me at 717.324.0709 or